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Working with clients who are not sure about what they want

Maintaining proper relationships with clients can be a bit daunting. Especially when looking to improve customer service and staying on the clients good side. It is just as important to develop the skills necessary in dealing with clients as it is to have the skills to do the work. Both go hand and hand.
If a client has multiple concerns about where to go with a project it is then your goal to weed out the unnecessary ideas and navigate towards a solution that can make all parties happy and provide a quality product as a result. But often time a client may become adamant about that one idea that just doesn’t fit with the overall plan. Then you must change your approach and address the concerns of the client and somehow do it while maintaining a calm environment.


Recent Home Improvement Projects 8/28/2014

Maryland Real Estate Property For Sale

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We have enjoyed the Harry Potter franchise for many years now and can expect to see other Harry Potter merchandise to hit stores near you soon. So what does it take to market such a huge brand? Well, the brand didn’t become large by itself. It grew one marketing piece at a time. Yes, television is still the all time marketing medium to use but there are others that over time can be just as powerful. Branding is something that local small businesses stumble over every day. This is partly due to cash flow, knowledge and help to get it done. This is where we come in. CK Marks will help you build a brand, advertise, and launch your business quickly and with low start-up cost. Are you ready to put your business in high gear? Become the next major franchise that lands you in the next Forb’s edition.

In a society where only the learned can appear to have a the plan for success, I have seen many drop what they were doing to following someone else idea because they appear to have the knowledge. I learned the hard way to recognize a teacher and to separate a scholar from a practitioner. Oftentimes they don’t mix even though people want to follow experts who are doing what they teach today. While ever expert is not bad, it is tough to weed out the ones with what you need to succeed.

I admit, that's a deliberately controversial title. The whole notion of 'expert' has become problematic lately, as more and more people catch on to the fact that pieces of paper and honorific statuettes and bumper stickers mean jack squat about your ability to communicate your esoteric knowledge to other people. It so happens that last week's bidness (yes, I actually do have some, hence my Johnny-Cash-inspired policy of inviting eminent guest blo … Read More

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The heart of Georgia is a slow moving machine to the untrained eye. To me, it’s a gold mine just waiting for an investor to claim my prize. There are so many properties in Atlanta that just sitting there waiting for someone to make them look nice again. If I had to guess, I would say that it will take approximately 3-6 years before we see a rise in local economy of scale. While values are on the rise, there just aren’t enough investors buying here. This leaves more deals for me and my team. No worries, I am not mad, just ready to buy more properties and sell them to my investors on the back end. Are you an investor looking to capitalize on this gold mine? Need a refresher in the area of real estate investing?

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Extreme Maker Over

Extreme Maker Over

Today marks the first Thursday of the month and the question I would ask now is did you complete what you set out to do in January? That’s what I ask my team when working on the next real estate deal. In my profession, we have to stay alert as to the changes in the market and when we will have to make a change to our main strategy.  Sometimes, we may need to conduct an extreme makeover in order to stay ahead of the current trend. This isn’t always easy and sometimes may cause some disconnection between team members. But overall, if you stick to the new plan, you can increase your teams output and never experience the lack of income or slow in transactions.

Attention all Investors, If you have properties that you been sitting on for a while and need to unload them asap then send me your listing and I will send it to my buyers list. We all need to work together to keep our business alive and flourishing.

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Newly Renovated Kitchen


Family to Dinning Area

Main Bathroom
This 1520 square foot single family home has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. It is located at 3700 Kidder Rd Clinton, Maryland. This home is in the Prince Georges County School District. The nearest schools are Fort Washington Forest Elementary School, Eugene Burroughs Middle School and Friendly High School. 

Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1.5
Year Built: 1971
Lot Size: 15722
Garage Size: n/a
Square Footage: 1520
Agent Name: Stephen Hudgens
Broker: Remax
MLS #: pg7482328
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