In a society where only the learned can appear to have a the plan for success, I have seen many drop what they were doing to following someone else idea because they appear to have the knowledge. I learned the hard way to recognize a teacher and to separate a scholar from a practitioner. Oftentimes they don’t mix even though people want to follow experts who are doing what they teach today. While ever expert is not bad, it is tough to weed out the ones with what you need to succeed.

I admit, that's a deliberately controversial title. The whole notion of 'expert' has become problematic lately, as more and more people catch on to the fact that pieces of paper and honorific statuettes and bumper stickers mean jack squat about your ability to communicate your esoteric knowledge to other people. It so happens that last week's bidness (yes, I actually do have some, hence my Johnny-Cash-inspired policy of inviting eminent guest blo … Read More

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