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The heart of Georgia is a slow moving machine to the untrained eye. To me, it’s a gold mine just waiting for an investor to claim my prize. There are so many properties in Atlanta that just sitting there waiting for someone to make them look nice again. If I had to guess, I would say that it will take approximately 3-6 years before we see a rise in local economy of scale. While values are on the rise, there just aren’t enough investors buying here. This leaves more deals for me and my team. No worries, I am not mad, just ready to buy more properties and sell them to my investors on the back end. Are you an investor looking to capitalize on this gold mine? Need a refresher in the area of real estate investing?

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Sense the collapse of the housing market, educators and other real estate investors have been stuff down information to anyone who would listen. While a majority of the information given is factual, the average person cannot handle the redundancies and constant information being thrown at them. As a real estate investor myself I noticed that when you are new to this business, you tend to want to learn everything. That is great in all but when do you make millions or at least master one thing? This is important. I spent many months jumping from one thing to another hoping that something will jump off and we start making real money in real estate. A problem in which I didn’t realize at the time would cause many delays and ultimately self sabotaging.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to learn, I am simply saying that you might want to pay very close attention to finding what your niche is and make real money with that before implementing a new income stream in the same field. Let’s be clear, multiple streams of income are the ticket to wealth in the long run. But you will not be able to sustain all incomes with just you and an idea alone. If I could offer some steps to building a multi-million dollar empire and living the life that you always dreamed of let’s start at the beginning.  If you find real estate investing to be your way to reaching your goal then find a niche that you love and work the crap out of it and stick to it until you are able to locate a team to handle the day to day activities like marketing, follow up calls etc… This is important because you will not be able to go to the next step without a team of two or more handling specific functions of your business. Think about it, millionaires didn’t get to where they are by doing all of the work. So now that you understand why we can’t keep jumping from one thing to another now take a look at the long term position. You are managing a business that is working but you found another business that can make a sizable amount and now you want to incorporate that into your business. What do you do? Drop everything and spend 9 hours a day getting that new business off the ground? No way, you hire a manager to run the business that is working and you start building a team to handle the new one. That is the role of a business owner. Sound simple? Well it’s not and you need to work at it every day.

Think of it like this, in your business, there are three types of people: Technicians, Managers, and Entrepreneurs or business owners

All are important to the business and has its own functions. What role will you play?

Ceolus Raines III

Co-Founder, Extreme House Hunters Inc.