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Just Go With It

I’ve seen most of the Adam Sandler movies and thought most of them were crazy but I got to say that Just Go With It stood out to me. It shows a guy willing to go to extremes just to impress a girl. Not completely different from other movies but impressive none the less. I like to think that real people are willing to do crazy things to get noticed and that life promises isn’t always on your side so you have to step out of your comfort zone and somehow get noticed. That’s what we do here at Extreme House Hunters. We have gone through extreme marketing situations to get noticed and have seen many real estate cycles. You can trust that we have what it takes to stay in business even after the real estate storm of 2008.
If you are interested in investing in Real Estate investing then you are in the right place. No matter the amount you have to invest, we have a place for you.
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The Pursuit of Happiness

I have pondered that phase for over ten years. When the movie came out it seem to just fit what I believe millions of people go through on their quest for happiness. Just like you, I have been on a never ending journey to financial freedom and let me tell you, it’s been tough. But just when I thought the road shut its door I begin to see light in the business I was putting my all in. Now one year later I have a full operation in multiple states. We are blessed to have investors continued support and are now looking to expand this year. You see, I believe now more than ever that the pursuit of happiness is not a level that you reach but exactly what it says. The journey to your state of blissfulness is what makes life worth living.
If you are looking to jump into the real estate market in pursuit of financial gain then let me be the first to tell you that you shouldn’t do it alone. My team and I have made it this far because we don’t move forward without the support of others. Listen, if you are new to this market then work with us. We have been through the ups and down and worked out the kinks so if you chose to get on board with us then you can rest assure that your investment is taking care of.
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From the Desk of Ceolus Raines III

Would 8-15% be okay?

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